Hare Line (Provisional Hash and Event Dates for 2017

Date Event Details Theme Time Venue Hare(s)
Sunday 11th June Mash Hash 382 - 11.00 Oxted - Surrey The Twins
Sunday 9th July Mash Hash 383 - 11.00 Stansted Village Foggy and Sheikh
Sunday 23rd July MASH BASH (hashing on mountain bikes) 11.00 TBA Sheikh and Stretch
Sunday 13th August Mash Hash 384 - 11.00 TBA Butane and Pitbull
Sunday 10th September Mash Hash 385 - 11.00 TBA Charcoal T's and Ferry Dodger
Sunday 8th October Mash Hash 386 - 11.00 TBA B&Q and Vat Boy Slim
Sunday 22nd October MASH BASH (Mash Hashing on mountain bikes) 11.00 TBA TBA
Sunday 12th November Mash Hash 387 Poppy Run 11.00 TBA Shake it and ?
Sunday 10th December Mash Hash 388 - 11.00 TBA TBA
Tuesday 26th December (Boxing Day) Mash Hash 389 - 11.00 TBA TBA