Greenwich Mash Hash House Harriers

Greenwich The (DEFINITE) Home of Gispert

The Greenwich Mash H3 (henceforward just Mash) was founded around 1989 or thereabouts, (I'll correct that if the GM ever gives me the information!), by a group who had been introduced to Hashing while working abroad, mainly in the services.

Our "Father" of the Hash, Swampy, is the last remaining Founder still r*nning with us, when he can spare the time from diving!

Running in and around South East London & North Kent, normally on the second Sunday of every month, (with a few specials thrown in occasionally), we specialise in keeping as far from roads as humanly possible!  If there's water to be found, we'll be in it.

We are a mainstream Hash, all three sexes, dogs and occasional Horrors appear; and we like visitors. We have to eat, after all. Runs average around 90 minutes, shortcuts are sometimes available, ( if the Hare is bribable enough), and distances of 5 to 8 miles are about usual.

Contact me, (Gary "Jailbird" Tomlinson) via email or by phone on 01245 233597 or 07733225800 (mobile)

Contact details for our illustrious Grand Master and our Religious Advisor can be found on our Contacts page.

On - On!.....

Hashing has been described as "a sport for drinkers with a running problem"; mostly the motto "If you have half a mind to go running, that's all you need to go Hashing" is fairly accurate! Basically a derivation of the old Hare & Hounds games, it was dreamed up by a bunch of Brits in Malaya in the nineteen thirties, who used to live in a communal mess where they ate, slept and drank, known as the Hash House.

Someone goes out and lays a marked trail with paper, chalk, flour, sawdust or whatever; false trails are compulsory to add to the suffering of the pack. Rules are virtually nonexistent, and those that do exist vary widely. However, trails should include, wherever possible, as much "shiggy" (use your imagination!) as possible; impossible gradients; water obstacles; enraged dogs and/or landowners; rivers; swamps; etc. etc. etc.  If there can be said to be a point to all this, it is getting back to the "circle" you started from, and opening the BEER!

Yes, BEER is the point of the Hash!  We take the view that if you're going to work up a thirst, you might as well satisfy it.  Although some Hashers are serious, talented, r*nners, they use the Hash as a relaxation. Beware, though; Hashing is so much fun it will become difficult to say no!  One of the great things about Hashing is that it has spread worldwide; practically every country has at least one Hash, and major cities like London, Washington, New York etc. may have several, and they ALL welcome visitors with open bottles. Sorry, arms. A great way to meet people, and also added interest to travelling. There are lots of contact places for Hash info, and there are a few you may want to follow up on our Links  page; most have local and worldwide information, and all have email addresses for people who need more help.  Remember, you need just three things to go Hashing; OLD running shoes, a thirst, and a broad sense of humour;  if you're American, you can use humor as a reasonable substitute!